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At Precision Expediters, we offer a wide range of same day solutions. 

Precision Expediters employs the latest technological tools to provide the most efficient routing and logistical support for your scheduled routed deliveries. If you require same day delivery of freight, we'll design a program specifically tailored for your unique needs. 

Precision Expediters offers a one call solution for your time critical shipments, servicing all points throughout the Nation. By utilizing proprietary technology, we are able to optimize the mode of service that will be best fit for your need and provide proactive tracking on every shipment.

  • Time Critical Ground Services

  • 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

  • Direct Service Between all Points in the US and Canada

  • Satellite Tracked Vehicles

  • Real-Time, Online Shipment Tracking

  • Exclusive Use of Vehicle

  • Reliable Pick-Up and Delivery Times

  • Expedited-Freight Services

  • Instant Driver Notifications

  • Certified for all Border Clearance

  • Customs Requirement Programs

Always on time and as expected.


Expedited service solutions are offered and our trained courier specialists are available to determine which of our delivery options fit your time-critical needs.


Being a Local Courier expediting service that you can trust is essential in today’s fast paced business world. Leading ordering and tracking technology coupled with professional service makes Precision Expediters the courier delivery partner you need when your freight has to be expedited same day.


We are a 24/7 operation so no matter what time of day or night you have a requirement for our services the telephone will always be answered by our dedicated team.

Precision Expediters has never been more important in this industry. When it comes to ordering, tracking and billing, Our online system is one of the easiest to use. Part of that system is Shipping Wizard, our Internet-based real-time order entry and tracking system, which keeps customers on top of every pickup and delivery, door to door.

Use your online account to custom-create a billing program that better aligns with your accounting practices, business cycles and payment methods. Our system service request capabilities include XML data exchange, EDI transactions, web-based ordering and tracking, email updates, and, of course, phone and fax contact. It’s all in the interest of adding value by matching our services and system capabilities with your expectations.

Setting up your online account couldn’t be easier. Simply contact an account executive at your nearest office, or speak with one of our helpful service representatives.

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