Precision Expediters is a premiere expediting company. We play a key role in our client's distribution and relocation strategy. Today's business environment demands commodities and equipment be delivered just-in-time 24/7 to minimize inventory and storage expenses. As this trend continues to grow, we have developed an efficient and dependable distribution model to meet or exceed our customer's expectations.

When you ship with Precision Expediters, your freight will arrive at the right place, at the right time, and in the right condition.


We have a dedicated team of experienced couriers waiting to help you. We have been providing cost-effective, flexible Local Same Day and express delivery services across the whole of USA since 2010.


With each of our drivers traveling over 100,000 miles per year to deliver your items, we can also offer our services Same Day and Overnight Delivery.

We pride ourselves on being a expediting service that gives an express, safe and secure service, which is used daily by both businesses and private individuals. We take on jobs of any size for anyone; with our vast collection of vans on standby.

we offer a Same Day Delivery service using our quick and easy booking service. As long as it fits in our Vehicles we can deliver anything, from important files to fragile parcels.


Each vehicle is solely focused on delivering your goods, so there are no detours and your items will be transported safely straight from A to B, in the quickest time possible by one of our fully trained express delivery drivers.


Precision Expediters also offers a collection service, just give us the address and we will do the rest! 


We know how important Same Day delivery is to you and your business, so we treat every single customer with the same special care and attention that has enabled us to establish our reputation for trust, reliability and customer satisfaction.

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